Benjamin Finance is dedicated to those heroes of the free enterprise system: BUSINESS OWNERS. We exist to serve the needs of business owners, and it is our stated mission to make all your financial dreams come true.
As a business solutions consulting firm, we are exceedingly proud of all we have to offer businesses. We provide many valuable services and insights which will invariably increase your bottom line. Therefore, it is definitely in your best interest to take full advantage of our wide array of offerings.
While it may be hard to believe, the truth is, every day we uncover multiple sources of FREE MONEY for our business clients. And our relentless pursuit of YOUR MONEY is almost always successful. This money comes from sources such as business expense reimbursements and local as well as federal government specialized incentives. Listed below you will discover some highlights of our business solutions consulting services. Take a look around and discover the many benefits we have to offer you.

Our Team Makes the Difference

Our highly educated and experienced business solutions consulting team knows what they’re doing. After all, in the last 15 years, our team has secured over $500,000,000 of free money for our clients. The AVERAGE windfall exceeds $200,000. This is money our clients would not have enjoyed without our extensive expertise and assistance.
Our multi-talented team includes individuals who have a proven track record of success in their fields of expertise. We’ve brought together a unique blend of professionals who bring important knowledge and skills to our financial maximization process. Our team consists of experts such as: 
  • Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Expense Auditors
And these individuals are very successful at working seamlessly together to produce unparalleled results for businesses.
While finding a qualified team with such wide-ranging expertise to WORK FOR YOU is highly unusual, what’s totally unheard-of is to find a team of professionals like ours who is willing to WORK FOR FREE on your behalf. That’s right! Our team works for free, and is only compensated IF and WHEN you’re pleasantly surprised with your unexpected windfall. This removes ALL of your risk, and places 100% of that risk on our competent shoulders. We only win if you win!
Our undeniable success is NOT an indictment against your present team of financial advisers. We simply add a specialty service to their capable efforts on your behalf. So we always work WITH your professionals, never AGAINST them. We are NOT in the business of replacing or competing with the team you have carefully & wisely put in place. We are simply an additional set of eyes with a unique skill set and an unusual service that brings verifiable financial results.

Business Expense Reduction

One of the first benefits we offer which you’ll want to take full advantage of is the free money we find for our clients. This money comes to you from a broad spectrum of sources.
First of all, our team does a thorough auditing job to find where you have been overcharged. This is a painstaking process which requires patience and proficiency. But it almost always produces significant financial benefits for our clients.
We audit many areas of expense for our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, things like:
  • Property Taxes
  • Energy Bills
  • Merchant Account Statements
  • Waste And Recycling Expenses
  • Shipping Costs
  • Workers’ Compensation Premiums
And the list goes on and on. Whenever we find mistakes and overcharges, it is our job (and our joy) to go through the process of MAKING THINGS RIGHT for our clients. We secure the reimbursements for you. Once we demonstrate the inaccuracies to the appropriate service providers, we remediate and reduce all inaccurate charges.
In most cases, you will enjoy these savings from now on. Our service is generally not a one time event. Business expense reduction is a REAL and SIGNIFICANT way to put unexpected money in your pocket month after month and year after year. As you will see, in some cases your realized savings will actually increase over time. 
While most business owners instinctively know they’re probably being overcharged for these various products and services, proving it often seems insurmountable. And even if you can prove it, how can you get your money back from these providers? But this is what we do. We’ve successfully been securing reimbursements for our clients for over 15 years, and we can do it for you, too.

Business Tax Incentives

While we find a significant amount of money to benefit our clients from reimbursements, there is often much more money available by going after the thousands of GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES that businesses can benefit from. Local incentives can often be surprisingly lucrative, but FEDERAL INCENTIVES are largely untapped and is generally where we find the largest benefits. The challenge is that accessing these incentives requires getting through a significant amount of RED TAPE and bureaucracy.
While the business tax incentives’ space is not easy to navigate, our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to work through this process successfully. There are a lot of forms to fill out, and many I’s must be dotted, and many T’s must be crossed. But we know what we’re doing, and we would love to do it for you.
One of the many business tax incentives available to businesses is HIRING INCENTIVES. This is something which almost every employer qualifies for. But the government makes the process of benefiting from these incentives extremely difficult. As a result, very few businesses are able to take advantage of this amazing benefit. Even businesses that PAY companies thousands of dollars to go after this incentive for them, FAIL the vast majority of the time.
But we’re different. Our proprietary process is different. And that’s why our success rate is nearly 100%. And we can get you thousands of dollars for just one qualifying employee. Best of all, our process is automated, making it extremely easy for you and your staff to negotiate through the hiring process.
But there are MANY business tax incentives available to businesses, and we are experts in accessing all of these resources for our clients. When you work with us, we will help you tap into this vast supply of extra money the government has made available to businesses like yours.

Corporate Finance Solution

In addition to keeping your expenses to the bare minimum, our business solutions consulting service will help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS. We can help you grow both your short-term AND long-term net worth by providing you with your own unique corporate finance solution.
Every business is UNIQUE. One size DOES NOT fit all. Each business, therefore, requires a different corporate finance solution. Some businesses find themselves in a situation where leveraging extra money is essential for them to maximize their potential for growth. If that’s your situation, we can help you out with a business loan of any amount.
But in addition to needing extra money from time to time, all businesses want to and NEED TO make the most of the resources they have. Even a relatively small nest egg can become an enormous nest egg with proper resource management. One of our most popular services is our NON QUALIFYING RETIREMENT PLAN.
Retirement plans vary widely from plan to plan. Most importantly, business owners want a plan that gives them MAXIMUM growth opportunities while at the same time giving them MINIMUM risk. That is precisely what our retirement plan can do for you.
When it comes to retirement plans, we have the plan that provides All the benefits found in a qualified plan without the many annoying limitations. And did we mention that our plan significantly outperforms qualified plans?
By taking advantage of our business solutions consulting service, we will help you determine what your corporate finance solution looks like. Let us help you put in place the ideal plan that will make all your financial dreams come true. After all, you have nothing to lose except your unrealized potential.

Our Business Solutions Consulting Service

So why do you need us? Well, of course, you don’t NEED us. But the vast majority of businesses WILL benefit from our services, so why not let us BENEFIT YOU? And as stated above, our service comes to you 100% RISK FREE.
In fact, when you really stop to think about it, your WORST CASE SCENARIO would be discovering that what you’re already doing can’t save you a penny more in business expense reduction or business tax incentives. Not only that, but you would also discover that your present retirement plan is already providing you with the BEST corporate finance solution on the market today. And for this peace of mind, you wouldn’t pay us a penny.
So taking advantage of our unique business solution consulting service makes good business sense. It is, in fact, what some would call a no-brainer. CONTACT US so we can at least have a brief conversation. Who knows, you may find money and opportunities you never dreamed existed. And then, you just might find that all of your financial dreams have come true.
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